Friday, May 05, 2006

Student News Updates:

Southern News, of SCSU, has a piece on Lamont's recent visit to the SCSU College Democrats.

The New Journal at Yale has a fabulous profile of Ned in their last issue of the year.

The Yale Herald printed an op-ed by Yale Freshman Geoff Buller and a half-page feature on Ned.

And in his bi-weekly column, Josh Eidelson takes a swing at Lieberman's support on campus... ironically, all of which seems to be more anti-Lamont than pro-Lieberman!

Many of the same self-styled pragmatists who hurl the partisanship label are the strongest critics of a signal affront to party loyalty: the growing support amongst Connecticut Democrats for Ned Lamont's primary challenge to Joe Lieberman. Tellingly, rather than setting out to persuade Lieberman's critics that he has a better vision than Lamont, Lieberman's most vocal backers on this campus have criticized the very idea of voting for a candidate based on what he believes. Marshall Shaffer argued on this page last month that Democrats will become "closed-minded" unless we support candidates with "all types of viewpoints" ("Lieberman can help keep Dems diverse," 3/2). But contra Shaffer, robust citizenship does not lie in voting for the most reasonable-seeming candidate, whatever his beliefs, out of faith that evidence and equanimity will guide him to the right answers. Our responsibility as voters in a representative democracy is to consider conflicting viewpoints, choose ones we agree with, and pursue the election of qualified candidates who share them.


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