Saturday, April 01, 2006

Lamont at Wesleyan

Justin Costa, on Lamont's Wednesday visit to Wesleyan: (Posted at myDD). We'll get Justin set up with an account on here in just a little bit!

I got to spend a few minutes with Ned Lamont on Wednesday, as he was nice enough to come by and speak at Wesleyan University, where I'm President of the College Dems chapter.

I must say that I went into the event with some doubts, seeing as the date was just two days after students had returned from spring break and there was minimal time for advertising.

My fears were more than assuaged. Not only were there plenty of students who turned out to see Lamont, but his performance was simply great. He spoke for about 20 minutes and then took every single question the audience had for him. He came across as knowledgeable and genuine, polished enough to be taken seriously, but not so polished that he seemed scripted.

The entire audience was genuinely impressed, and that includes both political junkies and students who I had never seen before at any political event, let alone a speech from a challenger. I've had students coming up to me for the last few days telling me how great the event was and how much they like Ned Lamont. Some are asking how they can get involved.

So to all the students out there: there are real opportunities to help. There's Students for Lamont, and there are internships and jobs that the campaign is looking to fill with enthusiastic young students. Unlike so many other campaigns, Lamont's seems committed to not wasting this support from enthusiastic young people.

Students, if you are reading this you can check out: and of course

to get involved yourself. This is one campaign where we can make a big difference.

Keep your eyes open at Trinity on Monday, Ned'll be there, too!

EDIT: thirdparty adds that spazeboy of the Ned Lamont Resource has added some pictures of the event!


At 4:56 PM, Blogger tparty said...

Great to see Lamont get such a response at my alma mater.

BTW, spazeboy from Ned Lamont Resource put up some pics of the Wesleyan event on Flickr.


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