Friday, March 24, 2006

Where's Joe?

Joe Lieberman was in New Haven this Tuesday afternoon for a "public meeting." Seems he only bothered to tell DTC members though; we found out about his appearance from a New Haven DTC-er who had received a letter from his campaign.

We thought we'd call his office to confirm that this was a public meeting before showing up. We called his campaign office first. They had no idea the event was going on. We called his Senate office next. They had no idea the event was going on. Kind of odd, since there were about 5 staffers there... Draw your own conclusions, just let me first point out that it's far easier to hold a town meeting when you don't have people there to disagree with you!

But let me assure you -- for a "town meeting" there was no one there! With nothing to lose, we decided to show up to the event. He drew a total of about 15 DTC members. 15! For a sitting senator! When we arrived, we spoke with staffers and with DTC members, who assured us this was supposed to have been a "publicised, public town hall meeting". It was, of course, a very "civil" event. Which meant that no one asked him any hard questions.

But then again -- had anyone asked any hard questions, no one would have been there to hear him answer! Sean Smith was right -- he really hasn't had a dialog with Connecticut voters in a while!


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