Friday, May 05, 2006

Student News Updates:

Southern News, of SCSU, has a piece on Lamont's recent visit to the SCSU College Democrats.

The New Journal at Yale has a fabulous profile of Ned in their last issue of the year.

The Yale Herald printed an op-ed by Yale Freshman Geoff Buller and a half-page feature on Ned.

And in his bi-weekly column, Josh Eidelson takes a swing at Lieberman's support on campus... ironically, all of which seems to be more anti-Lamont than pro-Lieberman!

Many of the same self-styled pragmatists who hurl the partisanship label are the strongest critics of a signal affront to party loyalty: the growing support amongst Connecticut Democrats for Ned Lamont's primary challenge to Joe Lieberman. Tellingly, rather than setting out to persuade Lieberman's critics that he has a better vision than Lamont, Lieberman's most vocal backers on this campus have criticized the very idea of voting for a candidate based on what he believes. Marshall Shaffer argued on this page last month that Democrats will become "closed-minded" unless we support candidates with "all types of viewpoints" ("Lieberman can help keep Dems diverse," 3/2). But contra Shaffer, robust citizenship does not lie in voting for the most reasonable-seeming candidate, whatever his beliefs, out of faith that evidence and equanimity will guide him to the right answers. Our responsibility as voters in a representative democracy is to consider conflicting viewpoints, choose ones we agree with, and pursue the election of qualified candidates who share them.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Lamont in New Haven: Followup

The Yale Daily News article is, well, basically entirely neutral. Your standard journalism 101 piece, actually, with appropriately placed quotes, counterpoints and all that jazz. Wish they'd been able to capture a little bit better the excitement that was in that room!

There's a half-page Yale Herald piece on the the event and on the Lamont campaign that's coming out on Friday!

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Lamont in New Haven, Wed. April 5!

The New Haven Democracry for America chapter will be hosting Ned Lamont in New Haven on Wednesday, April 5th! The event is open to the public and to students! Here's the info:

Time: Wednesday, April 5 at 7:00 PM
Duration: 2 hours
Location: Naples Pizza (New Haven, CT); 90 Wall Street

Ned will probably be speaking at around 7:30. Here's the official campaign event listing.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Lamont at Wesleyan

Justin Costa, on Lamont's Wednesday visit to Wesleyan: (Posted at myDD). We'll get Justin set up with an account on here in just a little bit!

I got to spend a few minutes with Ned Lamont on Wednesday, as he was nice enough to come by and speak at Wesleyan University, where I'm President of the College Dems chapter.

I must say that I went into the event with some doubts, seeing as the date was just two days after students had returned from spring break and there was minimal time for advertising.

My fears were more than assuaged. Not only were there plenty of students who turned out to see Lamont, but his performance was simply great. He spoke for about 20 minutes and then took every single question the audience had for him. He came across as knowledgeable and genuine, polished enough to be taken seriously, but not so polished that he seemed scripted.

The entire audience was genuinely impressed, and that includes both political junkies and students who I had never seen before at any political event, let alone a speech from a challenger. I've had students coming up to me for the last few days telling me how great the event was and how much they like Ned Lamont. Some are asking how they can get involved.

So to all the students out there: there are real opportunities to help. There's Students for Lamont, and there are internships and jobs that the campaign is looking to fill with enthusiastic young students. Unlike so many other campaigns, Lamont's seems committed to not wasting this support from enthusiastic young people.

Students, if you are reading this you can check out: and of course

to get involved yourself. This is one campaign where we can make a big difference.

Keep your eyes open at Trinity on Monday, Ned'll be there, too!

EDIT: thirdparty adds that spazeboy of the Ned Lamont Resource has added some pictures of the event!

Sunday, March 26, 2006

SFL Visibility at Yale

Yale Students for Lamont will be passing out information on campus this coming Monday (tomorrow!) from 10am until 3pm. We'll be right in the heart of cross campus. We have lit and stickers! :-). All are welcome!

Check out the campaign's official event listing for this (and sign up, using your account!) here!

Saturday, March 25, 2006

SFL (Re)design!

So it's nothing special, but at least it's not just a generic blogger template anymore.

Your comments and suggestions are, as always, appreciated!

Thanks to LamontBlog for design assistance.

Friday, March 24, 2006

Lieberman Staffing Up

Ho boy, is he scared!

Phil L., over at Friends of Joe Lieberman, is hiring 20 field organizers and 5 regional field coordinators. Top-notch pay, too: 2000/mo for organizers and 3000 for coordinators.

Basic math indicates that his campaign has committed to spending $220,000 for field operations in staff salaries alone. That's a pretty fair chunk of change.

Where's Joe?

Joe Lieberman was in New Haven this Tuesday afternoon for a "public meeting." Seems he only bothered to tell DTC members though; we found out about his appearance from a New Haven DTC-er who had received a letter from his campaign.

We thought we'd call his office to confirm that this was a public meeting before showing up. We called his campaign office first. They had no idea the event was going on. We called his Senate office next. They had no idea the event was going on. Kind of odd, since there were about 5 staffers there... Draw your own conclusions, just let me first point out that it's far easier to hold a town meeting when you don't have people there to disagree with you!

But let me assure you -- for a "town meeting" there was no one there! With nothing to lose, we decided to show up to the event. He drew a total of about 15 DTC members. 15! For a sitting senator! When we arrived, we spoke with staffers and with DTC members, who assured us this was supposed to have been a "publicised, public town hall meeting". It was, of course, a very "civil" event. Which meant that no one asked him any hard questions.

But then again -- had anyone asked any hard questions, no one would have been there to hear him answer! Sean Smith was right -- he really hasn't had a dialog with Connecticut voters in a while!

Students for Lamont -- End